CommunityToGo offers a customisable smartphone app (Community2Go) as a service that enables communities of all types and sizes, to generate greater member engagement and ultimately be more functional.

Basically, Community2Go gets information to people that need it by 1) keeping community members informed through real-time push messages and 2) a simple and configurable menu that allows community members to easily answer their own questions whenever they have them.

Community2Go acts as a conduit by consolidating different information sources such as web applications, documents, contacts, calendar and real-time push messages with external information sources including web sites hosting schedules and social media sites for collaboration such as facebook, Twitter, and flickr.  Community2Go runs on Apple and Google devices.

One important aspect to our business is that communities that adopt Community2Go are usually looking to drive some type of change.  In the majority of cases, the required change is related to community participation and the introduction of an app is seen as a vehicle to aid and facilitate information flow.  So, on face value CommunityToGo is a provider of a smartphone app service, but in reality, we are an enabler of community and societal change.

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